New Pet Parents User Research


In the midst of COVID-19, I was tasked with researching how COVID-19 was impacting new pet parents' purchasing behavior, specifically on and Chewy's New Pet Essentials page.
Questions that we were looking to answer were:

Screenshot of's New Pet Essentials page

The Approach

Due to scope and timelines, I focused in on new puppy/dog owners. 10 participants were chosen to be interviewed from a wide a background of online shopping history. The cohort included customers with little online shopping history was crucial to understand the customer who has just gotten a dog but cannot shop in person due to COVID-19 retail restrictions. These interviews were conducted via Web Video applications (Zoom, Chime, Google Meets, etc) to capture customer facial expressions, as well as see their exact screen / shopping journey via screen share capabilities. A full research plan can be found here.

The Results

The most noteable findings from for new dog owners included:

Picture of Winston the dog. Winston's owner quote, 'I feel like I shop and do more research for my dog than I ever do for myself.'

Full results can be found here.

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