Amazon Pets Storefront Redesign



With the refresh of Amazon Pets brand, I tested the Amazon Pets storefront and navigation to optimize for customer experience. Customer feedback themes from testing showed our old CX provided confusing messages and an interface that required much more thinking compared to competitor sites.


The goals of this refresh were to decrease storefront abandonment rate and increase Amazon Pets GMS.


Operating within the brand guide was provided by our brand team, I mapped what are important messages Amazon Pets needs to communicate to customers.

As a storefront, the key elements needed on the page were defined by the messages and standard storefront components. The derived list of elements is as follows:

Deep diving into each component (aside from the header), I wanted all parts to communicate at least one, if not both of the messages to customers.


Pet type was the first level of consideration a pet owner makes in deciding what to purchase for their pet. Therefore displaying all major pet types was crucial for communicating that has everything needed for pet ownership.
Previously, the Pets storefront had buttons displaying all pet types and allowed the user to navigate from the buttons. In order to enable users to make quicker decisions, have less cognitive load, and save mobile above-the-fold space I decided to replace the text buttons with a horizontal scrolling navigational widget that showcased a graphic illustration of each pet.

Screenshot of new Amazon Pet navigation

New Amazon Pets navigation

Feature partner placements

We previously showed simply a logo, however found that the CTR was low. To increase visual messaging, each brand logo had an image shown next to their logo to communicate what their brand is and for what type of pet it is for. Lifestyle imagery connects the customer to the brand and products by enabling them to envision their pet with that product, further communicating that has items to help with pet ownership.

Screenshot of feature brand component

New layout of featured brands on Amazon Pets

Editorial pet care tips

While Amazon Pets had editorial pet care tips on-site, they were buried in the Amazon Pets CX. To further highlight that Amazon Pets cares about pets and can help with pet ownership, I began to showcase seasonally relevant care tips with recommended brands and products. This component further encouraged customers to browse and start building trust for Amazon Pets in the care department.

Screenshot of pet care tip component

Editorial integration of pet care tips with brands and products on Amazon Pets


The refreshed storefront enabled dynamic scheduling instead of quarterly scheduling, reducing 40 merchandising hours every quarter. Comparing storefront metrics showed the refreshed page had an increased log OPS by a range of 0.01% to 0.78% and increased conversion by a range of 0.07% to 0.88%.

Screenshot of refreshed Amazon Pets Storefront

Final refreshed Amazon Pets storefront

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