Inspiring Women Graphic Illustrations

Graphic Design

This is a personal project that was born during quarantine. With the lack of human interaction and the need to cope with emotionally draining events going on, I wanted to create something that uplifted myself and others.


I began by questioning, “Who in my personal life do I find inspirational and why?” I wanted to answer this question very personally, then extend it out to a broader cohort. In this process, I found that as I was looking outward and seeing people for their strengths, I was also searching inward and challenging my own notions of what society has traditionally deemed as inspiring.
The styling of the photos encapsulates light shadowing, to attempt to generalize the figure while still reflecting some life.

5 image series of inspiring women graphics

5 image graphic illustration series of Inspiring Women

If you'd like to see the full text behing each photo, see each photo on Instagram.

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